Attraction and is consuming so beautiful

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The beauty of the world, is always limited, but it is limited, we learned to cherish. Any beauty always lack of implement, because of the fantasy of fill, is a poetic life. So want to taste the beauty of jiangnan, does not necessarily need to go to the west lake, maybe a dream, a Que old songs are better than the real beauty.
We love this life and also love so beautiful, but I still will give such beautiful free, let her home. Sometimes, I advised her not to go, even the rest of the beauty in next year, or the spring of next year will be so dull and lonely. Thank those who regret too, so we understand the need to cherish life. Let me this night, did not know the hidden in where the cuckoo, also say: not equal to home, not as good as home.

These days, at leisure, comfortable. Away from the work of be agitated and trivial, everything is so safe, calm.
Often jokes, in this life, can’t do a strong woman. Bones, deep-rooted young girl feelings, up to now, can’t change, also don’t want to change.