Though insipid but do not break a warm

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Like home jing ya, like the warmth of home, like home. If you can, only willing to do a small woman that occupy the home, in the morning, looked after love, to see their children to school; At night, smiling lover back, smiling children atlantis v2.

Someone said, the woman, have to have a own job, don’t rely on men to live. I believe the economic independence is the foundation. But, if the marriage, family harmony, both sides of husband and wife do not exist because of economic problems, do a little women, and why not? Christmas Eve, did not return my husband on a business trip. Home, became I and children of the world.

Night, as usual, a person quiet on the Internet HKUE amec. A friend asked me, what carnival night, didn’t go out to play? I said, no feeling, also don’t want to go out. To such a quiet stay at home, children homework, I surf the Internet. The day for me, does not seem to have much interest. How did the friend said, no passion? I am not laughing.

For life, I still full of passion; For the holiday, I responded to it. Play, is a way; At home, are not necessarily is not. Like, in the time of the plain, waiting for a warm from the bottom of the heart and moved, for example, at the moment, the space of warm repine, gently teco brushless dc motor beautiful euphemistic tone, place oneself in this kind of atmosphere, be a kind of enjoyment, a kind of happiness.