Future learning models may become more diverse

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The Vice-President of PolyU (learning and education) explained that future plans may require either the HyFlex or Hybrid-flexible type, where each class may have both online and face-to-face variants that can run in parallel. He explained that students can jump back and forth between numbers and bodies.

Having said that, he included that these initiatives were being far more demanding on lecturers, and expected extra sources and teacher schooling.

Various from the speakers at HKU on-line party stated that Responsive4U intra-institutional exchanges, even in between campuses inside of the identical city, had been beneficial encounters for college kids.

PolyU focus is on experienced education and learning, so our students don generally hold the possibility to generally be exposed to persons exterior these professions, Professor Chan claimed. General education and learning courses are really new to us, which challenge offers our learners a broader decision.

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The most well-liked Responsive4U study course thus far is definitely the Science of Crime Investigation, which utilizes an augmented truth application to recreate a CSI-type criminal offense scene. Students can engage in a sport to unravel against the law based on proof which includes weapons and autopsies.

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Wincy Chan, one of many course lecturers with the HKU pathology section, said that her encounter with Responsive4U was beneficial immediately after Covid-19 hit and campuses have been closed. It built the unpredicted transition to on the web studying significantly smoother, she mentioned.

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She also utilised the opportunity to find a remedy to some scenario that vexes just about all lecturers with substantial lessons. We got so drained of answering the exact same concerns above and around, -so we developed a chatbot, she stated. They can inquire 1,000 inquiries without exhausting the bot.

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