Say “No” to Indifference

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At present, many people criticize that the Chinese society is full filled with indifference and nobody is willing to help others, especially the strangers in the street. However, some people say that we have experienced the cases that strangers asking for help desperately yet turning to be robbers and thieves and swindling the kind-hearted people. And now, there are many fraud gangs extort money in the name of begging so that people do not trust beggars as before. But, I still believe that goodness and compassion are still live in our heart, which urge us to give a warm help to those people who need help hong thai travel.

Maybe you will never know just a small thing you do to others means a lot. Your giving a hand casually will be a lighted torch in the dark, brightening the road and retrieving a desperate wanderer of his confidence and hope of life; your warm words will be a piece of sunshine, melting a cold and helpless heart.

In addition, offering help is a virtue. It’s an act of paying out, and it really will pay back. Helping others is always a good tradition of our Chinese nation, which has been profoundly rooted in our hearts. A Chinese proverb goes like this , ” Help others only by giving him a little drop of water, and someday he will surely return the kindness by a crystal stream of brook to you.” That is not mean that we expect any return when we help other, but once we do help, in someday when we need help, we efinitely can get a warm hand from others. I think what we need is trust to rebuild warm relationship between each other. Furthermore, by helping others, one could have a feeling of content and pride, a sense of achievement and the realization of one’s own value. As another old saying goes, “Roses given, fragrance in hand hong thai travel

In a society, nobody can live alone without help from others. Without help from others, we’re liable to be in dilemma. Therefore, let’s be generous enough, open our heart to the strangers, give a hand to those helpless in hopes of pulling through hong thai travel.