permanent magnet synchronous motor structure

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Magnetic steel (NdFeB): The magnetic flux of the motor is provided by the magnetic steel, which has the greatest impact on the performance of the motor; the neodymium iron boron magnet is made of powder metallurgy and is the magnetic material with the highest magnetic performance; The disadvantage is that the temperature dependence is relatively strong, and the corrosion resistance is relatively weak, which requires appropriate coating or electroplating treatment.

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Machine base: Due to the large power and small size of the motor, the heat is large. To facilitate heat dissipation, the machine base contains a cooling water channel. Common water channel forms are as follows:

Axial water channel (Z-shaped)

The 180 degree direction at the corner of the cooling water channel is easy to cause a large energy loss, and a large inlet water pressure needs to be provided.

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Circumferential waterway (spiral type)

In order to cause a temperature gradient at the inlet and outlet ends of the motor and form a temperature difference, the cooling water inlet and outlet are generally designed at the left and right ends of the motor.

Base cooling channel form

punching sheet: The motor motor has a wide speed range. Since the change rate of the magnetic flux in the stator core is proportional to the motor speed, the magnetic field alternating frequency in the core is higher, and the unit loss is proportional to the frequency 1.3 to 1.5 . Due to the need to maintain a high power density, the magnetic flux density in the iron core is the same, and the unit iron consumption of the high-speed motor of the motor will increase dramatically. In order to reduce iron consumption, low-loss core materials are required.

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