How likely is the lead-acid battery to be used as a power battery

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Before discussing the topic of electric vehicles loaded with lead-acid batteries as power batteries, we are still old traditions, first to introduce the characteristics of lead-acid batteries.

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First of all, its most powerful advantage is safety. After all, lead-acid batteries have been very popular since the era of fuel vehicles many years ago. In the history of so many years, there are almost no of the hundreds of millions of cars in the world. A few cases are due to risk failures caused by lead-acid batteries, the accident rate of which is much lower than that of lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium.

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After all, lead-acid batteries can work steadily from minus twenty to thirty degrees to high temperatures of forty to fifty degrees, which is much more reliable than the squeamishness of lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium. , Impact resistance and other aspects can be described as all kinds of lithium batteries today, called the king of safety.

In addition, lead-acid batteries have special advantages in terms of price in addition to their special safety features. We compare them with the same voltage. With the same 48V voltage, 12AH lead-acid batteries are basically around 380 yuan. However, the 12AH lithium battery requires about 1,000 yuan, lithium iron phosphate will be cheaper, and ternary lithium is more expensive. At the same time, there is no recycling price for lithium batteries, but lead-acid batteries have a more complete and mature recycling industry, which is more cost-effective for battery owners.

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