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A big advantage of smart home is that it is completely modular. You can add some new equipment or try some new software at any time, but you can still control your house remotely.

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Equipment manufacturers are also aware of this. Moreover, many of these companies make the device free of platform restrictions, rather than restricting you to one or another solution, allowing you to use Apple’s Home app.

Yes, there is an all-in-one packaging box to provide you with a boxed fast smart home. And they work well. However, if this does not excite you, or you just like the idea of ??controlling everything in your home in your own way, please continue reading. In this guide, we will discuss DIY home automation and how to create a truly unique modular experience for your home.

In order to continue to develop smart homes, you need to have a clear understanding of the goals to be achieved. In some cases, you can control the lights and nothing else. But in other cases, you may want to know that while using Alexa-enabled devices to adjust lighting and mood upstairs, the robot vacuum cleaner is cleaning the floor below.

Although you can create a hybrid smart home environment in which you can use various hubs (to control your device, it may become awkward after a while.

Instead, try using all the options on the hub side, and then select the option you are most comfortable with. If you are an iphone user, “Home” may be the best choice. However, if you really want to shout commands to control your house, then Amazon’s Alexa may be a better choice. Before proceeding, please familiarize yourself with the hub.

As time goes by, you should also be willing to expand your smart home. After all, smart devices are not cheap. Also, when you start using a new device, as time goes by, you may want to add more items.

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