PIWIS or X431 to Check Porsche Engine Oil Level?

Checking the Porsche engine oil level makes more accurate than the normal procedure with the instrument cluster screen and on top of that, it tells you how much oil you have to top to be at max level. This will be used every time we change our oil. Here is the procedure: WM 170101 CHECKING ENGINE-OIL LEVEL USING THE PIWIS TESTER (CAYENNE, CA… (阅读全文)

Program Mini F54 2017 IMMO Key and Change Mileage by ACDP

Look at the following image which is the VIN of the Mini Cooper one D Clubman F54 year 2017, Yanhua chief engineer confirm that ACDP Mini can program mileage and add new key for this car, except program new key when all keys lost. Mini one D F54 2017 belongs to BDC IMMO, please firstly buy all: Yanhua mini acdp basic module (159usd… (阅读全文)

How to Add 2020 Toyota Yaris 8A Key by Lonsdor K518

2020 Toyota Yaris -128 bit system , 8A transponder key programming with Lonsdor K518ISE in 5 min and everything is alright!  Add one new key. No AKL. Go to Immobilizer->Toyota->Select from vehicle->China->Yaris->2013->Mechanical key (with H & 8A)->Immobilizer-> Add key attached with pictures below: … (阅读全文)

Autel IM608 Program 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Keys

Autel MaxiIM IM608 did successfully pull the pin on a 2006 Dodge and I’m gonna show another 2010 Chrysler Town and Country. Auto detect. Auto scan VIN. Chrysler (USA). Diagnostic program loading. Smart Mode. Read the message. Establishing vehicle communication. Select “Smart Key”. Switch the ignition OFF and then ON again, make sure the engi… (阅读全文)

Download and Install Kess V2 V2.53 Software

Latest Ksuite V2.53 software is verified working with Kess v2 firmware V5.017 online version. Software can be download here for free. What’s new in Kess V2 v2.53? Fixed bugs and added more car models. Free Download Kess v2 ksuite v2.53 software https://share.weiyun.com/5FPSb3H Password: i4cwgr (tested 100%) Mega link (not tested) https:… (阅读全文)

Autel IM608 J2534 Program Ford F-250 used PCM

Vehicle model example: Ford F-250 2001 super duty Problem: Not able to write VIN on the used PCM module after PCM replacement. Device used to program: Autel MaxiIM IM608 & MaxiFlash J2534 (The module is in default package) Ford OEM subscription FYI: Normally IM608 alone can do this procedure.  All you need to do is click programming… (阅读全文)

Free Download Xprog V6.12 Software for WIN7

Latest version Xprog V6.12 box programmer software can be downloaded here for free: Software version: V6.12, Firmware: V4.4 https://share.weiyun.com/5m5Vkw0 Password: fxo5qz or download from google drive here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kJQot_4d_m3i4RlFCW00Nh9O3dZbgm4L What’s new in xprog 6.12? Check:  Xprog 6.12 New PCB… (阅读全文)

OBDSTAR Read PIN Code for Fiat 95160 ID46 Key

Purpose: Read PIN code from Fiat MARELLI 70F3378 + 95160 Using OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS key master Test: Go to XP300 DP PLUS Diag Program Go to Immobilizer - FIAT (you can use search function to find out the car make quickly) You should use X300DP PLUS FIAT V32.35 software VCI is upgrading… Pre-coding MARELLI 70F3378 + 95160 Key ID46 Vehi… (阅读全文)

How to use Lonsdor K518 to Program 2018 Cavalier Key?

Update: got this one done. Have programmed a new key to 2018 Chevrolet Cavalier Ended up reading BCM data and sending to someone in mexico a friend hooked me up with and got the 14 digit pin code. Uses:4d60, i.d. 70 80 bit. Car: 2018 Chevrolet Cavalier This one is made in china, GM/ SAIC Key programming using Lonsdor K518ISE: Send VIN to obt… (阅读全文)

Xtool X100 Pad, EZ400 EZ500 EZ300 PS80 PS90 Comparison

What’s the difference among Xtool tablets, X100 pad, EZ500, EZ400, EZ300, PS80 and PS80? Check table comparison below: Item X100 Pad EZ500 EZ400 EZ300 EZ500/PS80 /PS90 Operating System Android 5.1.1 Android 4.4.4 Android 4.4.4 Android 4.4.4 Android 4.4.4 Screen 7.0 Inch 8.0 Inch 7.0 Inch 7.0 Inch 8.0 Inch Resolution 1024×600P 1024×600P 1024×600P … (阅读全文)