Lonsdor or ACDP to Program Volvo XC90 2016 All Keys Lost

 Offer the solution to program key for Volvo XC90 2016 with all keys lost.   Lonsdor K518ISE /K518S with new software license can program key for Volvo XC90 2016 AKL. Image source: Lonsdor Volvo License for Latest XC40 XC60 XC90 S60 S90 V60 V90 Smart Key   Can read the latest Volvo Data CEM and program smart key for: XC40… (阅读全文)

How to Install Kess V2 Ksuite 2.80 on Win10 64bit?

Kess V2 Ksuite 2.80 software can be installed on win7, win8 and win10, and it is multilingual. This article is on how to install Ksuite 2.80 on win10 64bit and then read ECU Volkswagen Passat CC Bosch MED17.5 OBDII.   Ksuite V2.80 free download: Source 1. https://mega.nz/file/tk1QEKIS#T66cPJFkcciNfPXTfVj5CVJSZy8M6DcKpMgKBbQ03rM Size: 1.7GB P… (阅读全文)

How to Add Audi Q3 NEC 24C64 Key with OBDSTAR X300 Pro4?

 How to add a spare key to an Audi q3 2013 with OBDSTAR x300 pro4 key master5. So does obdstar x300 dp plus. Has a working key and a new key to be programmed Select IMMO-VAG v35.06-AUDI- K-line Cluster/IMMO-AUTO Detect Detect instrument type vdo nec+24c64 Audi q3 2013, confirm information Select have working key Read IMMO data… (阅读全文)

Solved! Scania VCI3 SDP3 Wrong HW ID

 Problem: I was required to send a hardware ID to activate the Scania SDP3 4.28.2 software for my VCI3 interface. I did provide the ID but was told the ID is incorrect. How to find the correct HWID? OBDII365 Solution: The wrong ID may be caused by not well-installed Prerequisites.cmd file or incompatible operating system…. (阅读全文)

Autel IM608 Teamviewer Remote Help Setup Guide

To remotely connect to the Autel tablet device, here we use Autel IM608 as a demo to show the procedure. Open Remote Desk Teamview Program. Make sure your tablet is connected ti the network before doing the Teamviewer. After entering the software, stay in the below page until the end. Page from the other side (PC end)to connect your tab… (阅读全文)

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Adds 2014 BMW 538 CAS4+ Key via OBD

 I’m here just inform that obdstar X300 DP plus now supports reading CAS4 working similar as BMW explorer by obd successfuly. Unlocking procedure is reflash P-flash. If you fail on unlocking Flash you need repair cas4 manual or buy new Cas4. If you are afraid of killing your car, better to it on bench.  If you got a backup on … (阅读全文)

Super MB Pro M6, MB SD C4 and OEM Benz C6 Comparison

 How to choose a best Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnostic system? Check top MB Star scanners comparison below: Item Super MB Pro M6 (SP369) MB SDConnect C4 Plus DoIP (SP100-E1) MB SD Connect C4 (SP100-B/C) OEM MB Star C6 (SP332) Diagnosis Full System YES YES YES YES Online Programming YES YES YES YES Offline Programming YES YES YES NO Brush to … (阅读全文)

Read CEM or KVM Data when Program Volvo Key with Yanhua ACDP

 Yanhua Mini ACDP and Volvo module to program key: I only have 2 questions in the videos they show how to read the password, but they do not show how to encode the key, or after reading the password with cem or kvm, the key is encoded by obd2? and the second question. there are two cem or kvm modules in the menu can the password be read rand… (阅读全文)

Autel OTOFIX IM1 Key Programmer Register and Update

Before starting to use AUTEL OTOFIX IM1 to program key and diagnose all-system cars.  It is required to register a member and update the newest version.   How to create Autel ID? – Visit the website https://pro.autel.com/. – Click at Create Autel ID button on the left side of the screen to create an ID. – Enter the requir… (阅读全文)

VW Polo 2014 All Keys Lost Programming by SVCI 2020

 SVCI 2020 new VAG 38.1 software has special function activated which can program VW Audi 4th & 5th generation immo key. Here we successfully program a VW Polo 2014 key when lost all keys.   Run SVCI 2020 software, select VW- V38.1 software Select Special Functions – Key Learning Select key programming mode. We first tried… (阅读全文)