2006 Nutrition File highlights

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2006 Nutrition File  l      Two of the hottest nutrition: Probiotics, those friendly bacteria that are important to help keep your digest-tract healthy, are found in some yogurts and are now being added to other products such as juices. Omega-3 fats, which protect against heart attacks and stroke, may help inflammatory condition like rheumatoid a… (阅读全文)

Health Secret

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Eat More Apricots The women of the Hunza region of China—90 percent of whom live well into their 90s—rely on apricots to fight disease and slow the aging process. They’re probably on to something: Apricots are one of the best natural sources of beta- carotene, an antioxidant that helps boost the immune system and has been linked to a decreased ri… (阅读全文)

Vanilla—The antioxidant that winter-proofs skin

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For soft skin all year long, simply add vanilla to your beauty regime. “The plant compound is packed with vanillin, a potent antioxidant,” reveals dermatologist David J. Gddberg. M. D., coauthor of Secrets of Great Skin (Innova, 2005).”This chemical neutralizes damaging free radicals fortify skin against cold-weather calamities like windburn, cha… (阅读全文)


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西洋菜有清热润燥的作用;蜜枣性平味甘,具益气生津、滋润肺胃的功效;生鱼性寒味甘,有健脾养阴的作用;猪肉同样性平味甘,能健脾润燥;生姜则辛温,能健胃祛湿。西洋菜与蜜枣同用,清润更好;生鱼与猪肉同用,则清润中增健脾之功,使脾得健运而津液可复。合而为汤,能清燥热养阴液,滋胃而止渴,润肺可止咳。 (阅读全文)


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清润栗子鸡汤 如果你要防止因秋燥而引起咳嗽,就适合煲这个汤水了,有清润、健脾、固肾和止咳的功效。 材料:栗子肉,鸡1只, 沙参,玉竹,冬菇,姜2片,水适量 盐适量 做法: 栗子肉在开水中煮一下去衣,光鸡在开水中煮3分钟盛起,沙参、玉竹、冬菇洗好,烧开适量的水,加所有的材料,滚十分钟改慢火煲2小时,加上盐调味就好了。 (阅读全文)


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茶树菇瘦肉汤   茶树菇 拉丁文: Agrocybe chaxinggu 别 名: 茶新菇、柳松茸、仙菇、神菇、茶菇等 属担子菌纲,伞菌目,口蘑科,侧耳属。 茶树菇春、秋生于茶树、沃氏水杨柳、枫香等阔叶树的腐木上,或活树的枯枝上,可食、美味可口。 据《福建通志》记载:“闽产录异云,茶菇生于茶树上,其菇簿而柄长,茶菇味在柄,浓郁中得清气,尤胜得菇。所产不多,不堪装载。”自古… (阅读全文)


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Walk to ward off cold A brisk half-hour walk five days a week can reduce your chances of catching a cold, reports the American Journal of Medicine. In a yearlong a group of previously sedentary women into two groups: one stretched, the other walked. By the end of the year, almost half of the stretchers had come down with at least one cold, compar… (阅读全文)

靓靓有术之--Outsmart winter skin spoilers

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Outsmart winter skin spoilers Whether you’re suffering from a dry, flaky forehead or puffy windburned cheeks, a simple homemade facial can get you growing in no time. Just mix 1/2 cup plain yogurt and 2 Tbs. aloe gel, massage onto skin and follow with a cold water rinse.Ypgurt’s lactic acid stimulates elasticity-upping collagen production while … (阅读全文)


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喝葡萄酒时别吃海鲜 2005-01-25 15:56:50  年节临近,许多家庭聚餐时喜欢品尝葡萄酒,不过,天津市有关美食专家提醒说,葡萄酒与菜肴的搭配有三种忌讳,掌握技巧后才能使酒与菜的风格互相映衬,达到美味的极致。 一忌海鲜。红葡萄酒配红肉符合烹调学自身的规则,葡萄酒中的单宁与红肉中的蛋白质相结合,便于消化。但红葡萄酒与某些海鲜(比如多弗尔油鳎鱼片)相搭配时,高含… (阅读全文)