Almonds, red wine healthy

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Almonds, red wine healthy There’s an abundance of food around these days and it’s good news to hear that some of the things you’ll choose to eat over the holidays may actually have some health benefits. Here are a few recent studies:- Researchers in Toronto have found that almonds may play a role in avoiding blood sugar spikes that happen after e… (阅读全文)

Another Reason to Drink Red Wine

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Another Reason to Drink Red Wine Here’s more incentive to break out the pinot noir: People who drink three or more glasses of red wine a week are less likely to get abnormal colon growths (polyps) that can lead to cancer, according to new research from the American College of Gastroenterology. Researchers credit the high concentration of the comp… (阅读全文)


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木瓜红枣汤       雪梨红萝卜玉竹茨实汤     椰子鸡汤 竹丝鸡花旗参汤   (阅读全文)

Want Strong Bone?

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Want Strong Bones?   Make sure you get your vitamin K. Lack of the nutrient can contribute to the development of osteoporosis (骨质疏松症), says a University of Michigan study. Food rich in K include: Kale, Bollard Greens and Spinach.   Stressed?   Sip black tea. It has a more calming effect on crazy days than other teas, British researchers have… (阅读全文)

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A fringe benefit(小恩小惠) It’s important to release feelings a little at a time so they don’t come out in a torrent. That’s why having coffee with a friend isn’t a mere pleasure—-it helps bring your life back into blissful balance. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Prevention is better than cure. boycott(杯葛) nasty A walk always sharp… (阅读全文)

靓靓有术之--The fatty acid that makes skin radiant

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The fatty acid that makes skin radiant Each of the 800 seeds in a single pomegranate contains up to 60 percent punicic acid, a fatty acid that stimulates(刺激) skin-cell turnover to reveal a smoother complexion(肤色)。Research at the University of Michigan Medical School inAnn Arbor also revealed that pomegranate oil helps lock in moisture to pre… (阅读全文)


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Did you know? Kids who eat dinner with their families at least five times a week are half as likely as other children to smoke, drink or use drugs. Source: The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse  (阅读全文)

Take time for tea

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How about a nice cuppa?  Take time for tea—it’s one of the world’s most popular beverages. There is a large body of research suggesting that a cup of tea has more than just a refreshing taste, the tea plant contains natural chemical that act as antioxidants. These chemicals, including polyphenols and flavonoids have been studied for their role … (阅读全文)

經常慢跑, 延年益壽(再续篇)

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心脑血管疾病患者不宜晨练原因和预防措施  许多人养成了清晨早起锻炼的习惯,可称之为“闻鸡起舞”。但从医学角度讲,早晨不是锻炼的最佳时间,尤其对心脑血管疾病患者和中老年人来说,更不宜清晨进行锻炼,因为早晨锻炼易发生意外。 医学家们发现,心脑血管疾病患者的发病时间和死亡时间常在早晨。一些日本专家研究认为,清晨跑步有可能直接导致心脑血管栓塞;而晚间跑步对健… (阅读全文)

經常慢跑, 延年益壽(续篇)

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老年人的慢跑健身锻炼 采编:木子 日期:2006-10-20 11:08:18 来源:中国医药保健【字体: 】 ________________________________________ 慢跑又称健身跑,其作为强身健体的手段已风靡世界,成为获得智慧、健美、长葆青春的法宝,也成为现代生活中防治疾病的一种手段,为越来越多的老年人选用。   慢跑对锻炼心肺功能颇有好处。可加强和改善心脏的泵功能,提高心肌的兴奋性… (阅读全文)