Director, your medicine

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Brother said that the surname often determines the tragedy of life. For example, he, a name “Jian”, honorable and generous, he surnamed fan, others become jokes at leisure.
I agree with that. My name is white, I think the mother is destined to become angels, so she secretly modified my college entrance examination table, let me become a medical college student.
No, the tail of a medical school.
I in this regard no talent, no interest, with a thick skin and teachers barely mix from infinite compassion and mercy. In the subsequent work, listen to the most words: “you will not see a doctor?”
Or is it an upgraded version: “do you think the white coat good-looking, only wore?”
Or it’s the ultimate version: “Bai Rong, you go back and write your resignation.”
I was in the city seven hospitals continuously resigned, only through his father’s relationship to find ways to Clinic in beautiful plant, nibbling melon seeds and chat, occasionally to build along the way to get some medicine brother.
If you do not want to build a brother, I would like to prescribe, usually only one sentence on the prescription - the proposed city people’s hospital.
This is the only thing I can make the correct diagnosis, those for the Exam Cram up down medical knowledge already in my school towards the forgotten.
I think mother must have misunderstood people, perhaps it is the white-collar means; even dressed in white, also is the chef, rather than a physician. At least, my cooking than my skill, when nothing in Clinic behind the small kitchen with delicacy, build a brother to eat a mouthful of oil, do not hold my medicine utterly ignorant of the facts.
But this day brother leave, Clinic phone rang, persistently urge like a turn, very worried: “the administrative department was burned, please take drugs to speed emergency.”
My eyelid jump, the heart is not good, I do not know whether the administrative department and production line workers as well as the fool.
Beauty is the country’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning, naturally have to be equipped with a medical room, and occasionally to the staff to take a cold wound dressings. Every time I open a prescription, is seeking employees to open a certificate of leave, they still look cheerful contented, in addition to brother, others did not know I was a quack.
I hope today can muddle through.
I got two bottles of scald ointment, carry medicine immediately to the executive office building. Thought that was a senior white-collar workers were injured, but heard the voice of the general manager of the office came angrily: “doctor? Why don’t you come?”
I was surprised, careful to ask the Secretary sitting in the doorway Liu: “it will not hurt the factory director, right?”
Liu Secretary stare at me, Chen way: “white doctor told you how many times, is the general manager, don’t call the director, the soil is dead……”
The boss of the factory, is not a director? Even if he will change the CEO title, also won’t change his net worth of connotation.
Is a willow Secretary to make blind and disorderly conjectures, grabbed me, pulling me straight to the general manager office.
Entered the room, I saw sitting on the sofa with a straight tall young man, dressed in a black business suit, complexion is slightly dark, look into my eyes straight too profound to be understood. I was at the heart of a virtual, even changed to forget, directly asked: “the director, where do you hurt?”
Liu Secretary kicked me, corrected: “Chen Zong, do not call the director.”
Director Chen Hao did not care, dark complexion and some even to the little smile, eyes.
Liu Secretary continue to remind me: Chen is a friend injured.”
I just noticed that beside the sofa sat a exquisite beauty, a cry. Before the Secretary said Tamarix is not clear, I can get even with.
Chen Hao lightly openings: “your burned hand, please see the doctor for her white company registry hong kong.”
Ulterior motives…… That’s a nice call! Chen Hao is not the countless peach, he love or love, but gave him very worried I will come from the Clinic rhythm, this person must be in his heart.
I quickly stepped forward to ask the patient: “this young lady, where did you hurt?”
Lift your Qianxiansushou: “hot hand.”
Thought by many serious injuries, I need to lock the door Clinic carrying medicine to sing sing Chi Chi ran over, but the result is the tea in the hand, the hand is a piece of red hot.
It is Big deal!
Chen Haosi did not feel anything wrong, told me: “white doctor behoove, please take your treatment dermes vs medilase.”
Well, I take wages for work, and immediately got a basin of cold water over, let your hands in it, said: “burns, immediately relieve hand best heat, rinse with cold water, and then seek treatment.”
I see her with worship in his eyes: “white doctor’s medical knowledge is really rich.”
This is not medical knowledge, this is the common sense of life. So she made a clean hands after I passed pulls out from the medicine cabinet to burn ointment, leave Cleveland, but listen to Chen Haodao: “just like that?”
Look at his strained beauty this appearance, is really nothing. I replied: “the beauty of the injury is not serious, rub the ointment on the line.”
Chen Haowen: are you sure? No inflammation?”
He doubted my medicine? Well, I was skeptical, but I must go in front of the director in the end, I said: “I give her some anti-inflammatory drugs, the rest assured that your absolute guarantee to cure the patient, miss harmless dermes.”