National college Huang Dayan teacher team

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In May 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions on Comrade Huang Dalan’s advanced deeds. In order to implement the directives, the Ministry of Education launched the “Activities to Create Huangdaiangyan Teachers’ Teams in National Universities” and released the first batch of 201 ” Teacher Team “, the information security and confrontation teacher team led by Academician Wang Yue of Beijing Institute of Technology was successfully selected Sensodyne!

Beijing Polytechnic University, as the first Polytechnic University founded by the party and the first national defense industrial university in new China, have distinctive characteristics of national defense, grasp the fundamental tasks of the Lideshu people, focus on the work of personnel training centers, and pay more attention to major scientific research Interdisciplinary, multi-team cooperation and multi-platform collaboration, aimed at “big platform, big projects”, set up a large team, and strive to create “big achievements”! Information security and confrontation teachers team is one of the representatives.

Team leader, both academician Wang Yue

Wang Yue, Beijing Institute of Technology information and communication engineering professor, doctoral tutor. Former China Ordnance Industry No. 206 director, president of Beijing Institute of Technology. Radar and communication system experts, elected in 1991 as Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1994 was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. North Polytechnic information security and confrontation teacher team leader Sensodyne.

Information Security and Confrontation teacher team members

North Polytechnic information security and confrontation teachers team facing the major national strategic needs and international academic front, has long been engaged in information security and confrontation, signal processing in the field of teaching, scientific research, teaching, education, scientific research and innovation, social services and other achievements, make achievement. Under the leadership of academician Wang Yue, a team of teachers with reasonable structure, strong strength and unity and cohesion has been formed Sensodyne.

Lide tree who nurture talent

“Cultivating high-quality creative talents leading national defense construction and economic and social development” is a true portrayal of Beili Polytechnic’s practical concept of running a school based on “academic basis, educating people and moral education first”. Information security and confrontation Teachers team to Lideshu people, personnel training as their own duty, outstanding performance, under the guidance of academician Wang Yue and Tao Ran, An Jianping, Wu Siliang, Luo Senlin and other professors, devote themselves to teaching and research, curriculum construction, training of young teachers And other work, academicians take the lead, professors take the lead, set foot on the lecture hall, with their own knowledge and character for teaching and educating people dedicated.PolyU’s hotel management and hospitality programmes ranked third of the world’s top hospitality universities. The programmes equip students with fundamental skills, knowledge and hands-on experience serving the tourism industry worldwide.