How to install New Genius/ K-Touch to read write ECU

UOBD2 recently released the update version kess v2— New Genius (K-TOUCH), which allows reading / programming the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2. Here is the instruction on how to install New Genius to read and write ECU. O/S requirement: Windows XP/ 7 Multi-Language: English,Italian,German,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Hungarian Video guide: How&nb… (阅读全文)

SuperOBD skp900 V3.9- all update tips here

SuperOBD skp900 V3.9 has been released at Here is the tip for 3.9 SKP 900 auto key programmer. What’s new in skp900 V3.9 PROTON key and smart key program release(Free pincode) Citroen c-elysee key program TOYOTA camry ID-4C key program 2000-2004 Jeep&nbs… (阅读全文)

BMW e91 318d read write EDC17 c41 DDE8 error with KESS V2

Problem: I have problems with my Kess V2 and need help. I try my BMW e91 318d read and write EDC17 c41 DDE8. Step 1 with OBD connector – TOOL – OBD2DATA I can do, no problem, everything is OK. Problem Number 1. Step 2 boot loader with backup read – many communication problems -> Crash! After many attempts, I was able to read backup! Step 3 wit… (阅读全文)

Autel DS708 Update Version-MaxiSys MS906 Is Released!

Here’s all about original Autel MaxiSys MS906 diagnostic tool  for more than 80 car makes in the market. Introduction included the following parts:  Top 10 reasons for MS906 MS906 Features (hardware & software) MS906 Specifications MS… (阅读全文)

DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader for EDC17 and Tricore

DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader 1.It is an updated version for BDM100, EDC17 Programmer takes direct access on processor and EPROM memory of the ECU over a dedicated port like the BDM system 2.Support: EDC17/MED17/ME17/MEV17/MEVD17/PCF2.1/SD13/SD14/SD16/SID208/SID807 Support EDC17 and Tricore Notice: 1.This DS17 ECU Programmer cannot be updated… (阅读全文)

Foxwell NT510 cost-effective scanner tool

Foxwell NT510 is the most cost-effective professional scan tool for enthusiasts, small garages, independent repairs, specialized garages and technicians by delivering OE-level diagnosis on all the electronic systems. It does not only include basic functions such as codes and live data, but also is capable of advanced functions such as actuation, … (阅读全文)

How much detail do you know about Foxwell NT510

Foxwell NT510 shows live vehicle sensors data in text and graph format and allows you to focus on any suspecious or symptom-specific data parameters. It’s powerful graphing capability gives you the “real picture” of what’s going on in the vehicle. You can view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously and merge them into one coordinate. So you can easily… (阅读全文)

CBAY Handy Baby Car Key Copy Internal Diaplay

This is the clone Handy Baby auto key programmer, now CBAY key programmer will be disassembled for all to learn its inner parts. This car key copy is from uobd2 Disassemble the cbay handy baby key programmer, you will see the green board. Turn it over you will see the other side of the pcb board. It’s yellow. Tighten with a screw and open the bac… (阅读全文)


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