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The deformation of real wood furniture and craze, industry says to be common problem, “do not chop not crack, do not call real wood”. Solid wood furniture can have certain self-destruct probability certainly, this is iron general fact, this also is manufacturer and owner common nightmare. The damage to expensive solid wood furniture is an extremely bad experience for a homeowner — he doesn’t believe such expensive furniture will cause problems that so many cheap furniture won’t — who inevitably falls into a mind-set of quality in terms of price — and believes that good quality must represent the inability to crack and deform.

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Therefore, using the word probability to solve the experience problem will eventually ignore the customer’s feelings. Do furniture, sell furniture is normal behavior, buy furniture is the minority behavior that connects with the house however, general manufacturer can ignore that 20% owner’s feeling, no matter be after sale or return a factory, meet talent to be able to understand — one year guarantee period really led very quickly. This inevitably leads to a situation of mutual understanding and mutual distrust. Therefore, we can better understand each other by writing an article on furniture structure. Nothing is more important than communication in the face of facts.

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In real wood furniture popular beginning a few years (actually total also did not have a few years), a lot of manufacturer achieved the rate of 20% maintain, 10% return a factory. This offset a slightly higher profit on solid wood furniture. China’s manufacturing profits themselves are very poor, so some manufacturers are returning to composite materials. Those who insist on pure solid wood are still carrying a lot of return costs and after-sales maintenance, which can only be made up by cost budget. And in the near future, the variety that imports lumber is restricted, majority rises substantially, also let produce square enter a kind of more nervous situation. They become more impatient in the face of after-sales service. That’s a bit of a digression Cochrane review.

Real background

The following paragraph, which is sorted out by chatting with our craftsman, is one of his doubts. One day when delivering goods, old zheng, a craftsman, asked me a question: why is there no problem with my own furniture and our client’s furniture? That in itself is a question of probability, but it cannot be answered that way.

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