The solution to the problem

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【Subtle end cracks in white oak are common problems.

[no hint, you can’t see the patched black walnut panel]

Besides detail: if the lumber moisture content is 12%, furniture is to do the best humidity (different requirements in various areas), the north building leads to extremely dry winter heating, floor heating will cause transpiration effect, moisture 8%, wet summer, water should be 20%, so the wood can neither too dry, also cannot too wet. Because white stubble furniture is stored for a long time, especially desk and chair, can use excessive dry method processing so that in depositing process not too be out of shape, the consequence is very apparent also, shorten the life of furniture badly namely. If use paint to close completely, fact also proved to be only partly alleviate on certain level, still did not solve from the root.

[the most stable structure is the five-in-one mounting plate, that is, five pieces of wood on the upper and lower sides make a board.]

The change of environment, become the biggest test of real wood furniture, but a few years passed, the problem still exists generally, seem to have no way out. First, it is proved that the use of environmental changes caused problems, and the second manufacturers did not keep pace with The Times, and continued to take the way of sewing.

The solution to the problem

So how do you solve the problem? The coating? Accessories? Structure? plank? The compound? The key to solving the problem is there, and we have been exploring it. That’s not to say it’s 100 percent, but at least it’s manageable.