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“plantActive verification is part of our broader initiatives to drive positive change in manufacturing practices as well as within the communities and farmers that support our industry,” said Chaitanya Desai, COO, in a press release. “Through this program, we ensure that our ingredients meet the current and evolving quality standards our brand partners expect.”

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The Improving Lives Foundation focuses on fostering positive change for the communities, customers, and consumers the company works with. “OmniActive continues to support farming communities in rural India with multiple initiatives, including health camps and a guaranteed buy-back program, and now they are taking it to the next level,” said Rushva parihar, CSR, consultant for OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation. Foundation initiatives include improving nutrition to help farmers and their families meet their own nutritional needs, improving sanitation and clean water systems, and promoting gender equality and empowering women to become “agents of change within their communities through education as well as preventative and corrective healthcare.”

EU emphasizes on sheep farming and aims to produce premium using Irish farming. For EU lamb sector, striving for high quality assurance is the key to break out of the competition in international suppliers.

Lutein, Gummies, and More

OmniActive will also showcase its branded ingredients in functional food and beverages at a tasting bar at its booth. The company will distribute samples of gummies formulated with its Lutemax 2020 lutein and zeaxanthin isomers. There will also be functional beverages and prototypes featuring Lutemax 2020, as well as the company’s Capsimax capsicum extract, its UltraSOL line of curcumin ingredients (including CurcuWIN curcumin for enhanced absorption), its OmniLean salacia extract, and Gingever high-potenty ginger extract.

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Many ingredients utilize the firm’s OmniBead and UltraSOL technologies. OmniBead beadlet technology helps solve organoleptic and stability challenges. UltraSOL converts lipophilic compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients to water-dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability.

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“We have truly innovative delivery technologies in OmniBead and UltraSOL, both of which provide solutions to some of the industry’s most complex challenges,” said Dr. Jayant Deshpande, chief technology officer.

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