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 Just one added week, everyone. Can we handle it?Yes, thats right: afterwards about 700 years, 600 debates, 500 Hillary Clinton email scandals and 52 actor acts of Donald Trump-related evil; afterwards Bernie and Jeb! and Goldman Sachs and Wikileaks and white supremacy and Billy Bush and aggregate abroad that has angry the 2016 acclamation one of the a lot of abiding assaults on the worlds brittle anima in active memory&8230;there are abandoned seven canicule larboard until we apperceive whether were in for four years of centrism, bombing, and gridlock or a accessible accession to what apocalypses attending like. Abandoned seven days!Getty ImagesMake it stop!!!!

Though, really, if you anticipate about it, seven canicule is a lot. There are SEVEN. DAYS. MORE. OF. THIS. HELL. I deceit yield it! Im already aged and aching by such a abiding acknowledgment to the bleakest, a lot of adverse base of the animal spirit. The apple is amazing appear this affair in a addled stupor, allurement for it to stop, but it feels like it will never stop, like able-bodied be churning over absolutely adverse polling advice and berserk apperception about Asian aborigine assembly in Iowa until time stands still, the apple explodes and were all beatific hurtling into space, simple particles on the wind. Honestly, that sounds appealing great. Grind us all into a accomplished dust, universe! Accomplish us disappear! Annihilation so that this array of alarm can appear to an end.Happy Tuesday!