According to Nintendo’s official common rankings

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The heartwarming success of Stardew Valley has taken on an even brighter note, acknowledgment to its admission on Nintendo’s latest console. According to Nintendo’s official common rankings, the farm-life RPG was the most-downloaded Switch eShop absolute appellation in 2017 Rocket League Items. It exhausted out the juggernaut that is Minecraft, which took additional place, as able-bodied as Sonic Mania and Rocket Alliance at No. 3 and 4 respectively. All that admitting Stardew Valley absolution afterwards in the year (and appropriately accepting beneath time to arbor up sales) than the others.

Both Minecraft and Rocket Alliance were phenomena of their own, admitting their corresponding fervors had died down a bit by the time they accustomed on Switch Rocket League Crates. Still, if you bethink that Stardew Valley was about absolutely the artefact of a individual person’s activity and deep, abysmal adulation for Harvest Moon, it’s all the added absorbing (Minecraft started out as a one-person activity too, but it’s had a accomplished flat abaft it for abounding years now).