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But adolescent children have their own ideas, and if you’re used to demanding them with a strong attitude, it’s just going to get them to play the devil’s advocate, or to fight back!As a result, parents can actually change the way they speak, perhaps finding unintended consequences.For example, “should you go to bed at this late hour?”"” your room is in such a mess. Can you tidy it upThis kind of communication is much easier for children to accept than an order without consultation and choice.
Change negative to positive
Our Chinese parents always have generous praise for other people’s children, and when it comes to their own children, there is nothing but criticism.This may be politeness, this may be humility.But does this education really work?Many parents like to compare their children to other people’s children.”Look at xiao Ming, who came first in the class again.”
Adolescents are usually sensitive and vulnerable, and they crave recognition and attention.If you always give him a negative, he is likely to have a broken can broken down mentality and fight you!
Therefore, parents should not always focus on their children’s shortcomings and shortcomings. They should find out more about their children’s advantages and give them timely recognition and praise.When a child does badly and makes mistakes, give him a chance to correct them and encourage him to strengthen his confidence.
4/ turn nagging into love
Nag and lecturing are actually very similar.Many parents love their children and worry about their children. They always nag them unconsciously.
Sometimes your actions are more effective than words!When you give your child a task, pat him on the shoulder, nod, and show trust.When a child gets good grades, give him a thumbs up, give him a look of approval and say yes.When the child is sad, give him a big hug to show encouragement.
Adolescent children want to be cared for by their parents, but the constant nagging only makes them feel impatient.
05/ change control to letting go
In the eyes of parents, children will never grow up.There will always be intentional or unintentional regulation, strict requirements on children, children’s study, life, even friends, doing things for children and so on.But you know what?Such regulation will not only deprive children of the pleasure of growing up, but may also make them worse off.
Most of the adolescent children will appear rebellious psychology, when the child feels oppression and unfreedom in the management, in order to break free from the bondage, he will begin to fight with the adult.The more powerful the suppression, the more powerful the counterattack.
Therefore, our parents should learn to let go and let the children have their own space to grow up.What parents need to do is teach their children responsibility, give them trust and give them the opportunity to exercise.
06/ change the leading role to a supporting role
Every child is the main character of the family from birth, and the adults are the supporting role.When children are young, parents are used to “direct” their children’s growth at the front desk.When a child is old, parents should move themselves behind the scenes and let the child take the lead.
Parents must be aware that a child is an individual.He needs to step on his own stage and take responsibility.When you give your child respect, democracy, equality and trust, you will find that he has grown up.
In adolescent children, self-consciousness is increasing, and they use their brains to examine themselves, others and the world around them.They have their own independent thoughts and opinions, and they hope their parents can treat them as adults.
Therefore, parents should try to stand in the same camp with their children, keep the communication between parents and children smooth, and learn to change.This is the best way to discipline rebellious children!