Common symptoms of male kidney deficiency

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Kidney deficiency is a problem many of my friends have, especially for male friends, when it comes to kidney deficiency, the immediate enemy, then when the male kidney problems will have what common symptoms? But to know is that the kidney is not so good conditioning, kidney tonic you want to go through tonic can not be random, kidney tonic to type.

Common symptoms of male kidney deficiency

1, chills, cold

How to determine whether it is caused by kidney yang? Kidney yang deficiency caused by chills, often accompanied by lack of energy, Yaoxisuanruanlong, looking dark, small clear frequency and other symptoms. In addition, the men will have impotence, premature ejaculation, sliding problems, the woman will have leucorrhea Qingyuan, Gong Han infertility problems.

2, sneezing frequently, prolonged

Sneezing caused by kidney deficiency, often sneezing frequently, prolonged, accompanied by fatigue, weakness or weakness, Yaoxisuanruan, looking soft, cold, hand, foot and other symptoms of fever to patients with allergic rhinitis. Sneezing caused by kidney qi deficiency, it is difficult to cure only by Quxie, kidney should be solid, so that strong kidney gas, adequate qi, the body’s ability to resist evils increased.

People with kidney yin deficiency, in addition to frequent sneezing, prolonged unhealed, but also accompanied by itchy nose, runny nose, throat sore throat, dizziness, tinnitus, five upset and other symptoms of heat, if you look at the tongue, but also Found red tongue, less tongue and so on.

In addition to frequent sneezing, prolonged unhealed, but also accompanied by nasal congestion, the flow of nasal discharge more than (sooner or later, heavier), chills, limbs are not warm, complexion, Yaoxisuanruan and other symptoms, If you look at the tongue, you will find pale tongue, white tongue and so on.

3, black surface dull

Some people look good on their own, but then look more and more black, this should pay attention, and that is your kidney a little empty. Especially women, if you do not sleep for a few days, then there will be dark circles. The appearance of dark circles is the manifestation of kidney deficiency. Therefore, we must not stay up all night and stay up all night, which is the most damaging to the body.

4, not missing still yawning

Yawning showed kidney deficiency is generally deficiency of yin deficiency, such people in addition to yawn again and again, God fatigue, but also often accompanied by white and colorless face, cold limbs, food less bloating, stool diarrhea, nocturia Increase (or urine clear long) and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found pale tongue, white tongue, lips bruising and other symptoms.
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Kidney tonic to sub-type

1, kidney yin warmer kidney yang

Kidney deficiency is divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang, these two different conditioning methods are not the same. Kidney Yin should be more black rice, black sesame seeds, black beans and other black foods, Chinese medicine theory that the main black kidney, eat black food is good for warming the kidney. But cold black fungus is not suitable for those with kidney deficiency.

2, kidney yang should Yiqi spleen

Peanuts, dates and corn boil into a pot of thick porridge, female food can not only beauty beauty, male singing can also eat warm kidney, spleen Qi. Li Shizhen had recorded corn as “millet, kidney of the valley also, kidney disease Yi Shi, porridge Yi Yi Dan Tian, tonic loss.”

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