Was the Map Returns Shadownerfed with Path of Exile 3.1?

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With 132/157 atlas progression i feel there is a big difference in map returns if you compare to earlier leagues. I’m having huge problems sustaining even t13 maps. Anyone else feeling the same? Let’s see 

1) I’ve run a decent amount of maps this league, generally by this point I have atlas cleared and enough PoE currency put together to buy out whatever maps I want to run and just coast until I run out of things I want to accomplish in a season.

This season though, not the case, I’ve run as much of the atlas as I can (about 105~ maps total), I have not a single time had a t12 or a t13 map drop in any t12 map (about 100 torture chambers worth and some others) and have been perpetually broke sustaining maps with poe.trade. This league has so many great elements I can’t even get involved with because the main function we use to do just about anything in this game feels like it’s been choked down to nothing.

2) From my experience the issue is three fold.

Were map returns nerfed? Abso-fucking-lutely. Even running 2-3 good sextants on a 20q map, atziri frags and bloodlines, map drops are pretty slim considering the investment.
Pack size variance is small and normalize. Its much harder to get a triple packsize roll on a map is really lucky, and doesn’t add that much anymore. Certain maps just have more monsters, but they don’t seem to drop more maps really.
Most important there are just more maps, especially at the lower tiers.
When combined, sustaining maps, especially specific non-shaped, becomes extremely difficult.

Chasing the shaper/elder around the atlas has made that very clear. I have over 2 quad tabs of maps, and have literally 0 maps for entire sections of the atlas. If GGG wanted players to do this chase thing, they needed to increase map drops, not decrease them.

3) My issue has been getting certain ones, even lower tier. I’ve run neighboring maps in the dozens and still can’t get some of the maps. It’s even worse when that map can’t be made from the 3:1 conversion. I’ve barely been able to get above T11 because I keep getting the same 3 or 4 maps above T11, and when I run those I get nothing but those same maps or much lower tiers. I’ve run dozens of T9 and T10 maps on other sides of the atlas but can’t get any of the higher maps to drop, even with something like 87 progression.

Example is Shipyard (T10). I’ve run Tower and Estuary a bunch of times… still can’t get Shipyard, and combining 3 Tower or Estuary doesn’t give a Shipyard. So I’ve gotten none of the ones after Shipyard either.

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