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Ironman race report:

I had a hard time getting to sleep the night before the race, I couldn’t stop thinking about the air pressure in my bike tires and other things that I’ve forgotten about since.. Having never done a triathlon before there were so many unknowns, so many things to worry about. I woke up at 4am, grabbed my swim gear and we were off to set up for the race.

After putting the finishing touches on my transitions and getting one of the bike techs to top up the pressure in my tires, it was about a 10 minute walk to the swim start, it was still dark out, and the lineup was already quite long. It took me another 5 minutes or so to reach the end of the line, and at 6:50, the 20 or so elites started the race, followed by the 3000 of us at 7.

The Swim: 3.8K

It took about 25 minutes before I got to the front of the line, and when I did I wasn’t scared or nervous at all. I had been training for this for over 7 months and I was completely calm and cool about it. I just walked up to the end of the dock and jumped right in… The water was really warm, like a bathtub almost. Not being any good at front crawl I had decided back in January that I would swim almost the whole thing backstroke, and the naysayers not withstanding that was exactly what I did.

The first leg of the swim was somewhat hectic, even though it wasn’t a mass start I was still being bumped and kicked and ran into by dozens of people. As soon as I made my way around the turn boy I had the sun in my eyes. Instead of being a problem though I made sure I was pointed in the right direction, made note of where the sun was located in my vision and did my best to keep the sun in that spot, with the idea that that would keep me on track for the rest of the race till it was time to exit the water. It worked! keeping my eyes closed most of the time and I made it to the first bridge, which was nice as it blocked out the sun, not to mention giving me a once in a lifetime point of view!

I kept on swimming, passed the second bridge, and then made my way for the red exit boy. By this point however my goggles had fogged up almost completely and I could barely see anything. Rather amusingly I tried to exit the swim course via a wall instead of the stairs, but some of the volunteers waiting at the end helped me out.

The Bike: 180K

As soon as I got out of the water it was off to the bike transition area to grab my bags and change into my cycling attire. I took my sweet time with this as I had just finished the swim in a personal best time of 1 hour 35 minutes, and didnt’ really feel rushed.

Into my bike clothes and lathered up with sunscreen, I started off on the bike race. It was only just past 9am at that point but it was already really hot out. The bike race went pretty much according to plan, though I ended up eating and drinking more than I ever have before.

Every 40k or so there was a rest stop where you could use the washroom, refuel with food and this weird piss-yellow stuff called “perform”. At one rest stop there was a DJ playing music and a pretty big crowd of spectators gathered around when I arrived. After a quick trip to the washroom his song ran out and he came on the microphone saying “Allright yall, lemme hear a YEE-HAW!” the crowd of locals responded with a VERY serious YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWW!!!! and the DJ put on “Cotton Eye Joe”, which got all the locals dancing. This had to be the funniest thing that happened all day, I actually half expected them to start firing guns into the air with all those country accents flying around and all the Yee-Hawing going on…

I passed several cyclists on the side of the road throwing up, and several more laying down on the ground in exaustion, but I stuck to my plan of an 8 hour finishing pace (give or take 15 minutes) and eventually made my way back to the run transition.

The Marathon: 42.2K

It was the hottest part of the day, 93 degrees farenheit they said, and the humidity wasn’t very nice either. again I took my sweet ass time in transition, and after 10 hours I was finally into my running shoes and sun hat, and off on my strongest of the 3 triathlon sports.

The first half marathon loop went pretty much according to plan. I ran most of it, aside from the odd walk break and a brief stop near a firetruck that was shooting water up into the air.

About 10K in I realised that it was a real privlidge to be running this race. I kept my head held high and took in the sights and sounds of this very special marathon, the runners of which and I having to “qualify” on the swim and bike earlier on in the day to be allowed to even start.

Alot of things were different about this marathon though. Most people looked pretty beat up, I even saw a young woman wearing a Boston Marathon jersey who was just struggling to put one foot in front of the other… A sober reminder of just how ridiculous the Ironman really is.

There were ALOT of people walking, throwing up, stretching and just plain exhausted all over the place, but I did the best I could and soldiered on to the half marathon point.

When you run up to the half way point of the marathon there was quite a crowd lining the streets. People cheering, music playing… I was so excited, when you start the second loop of the marathon you have to run past the finishing chute, and I just couldn’t stop smiling! I had 21k left to go and almost 4 hours to do it in. I could do a half marathon in my sleep! Victory was mine!

The second lap of the marathon was MUCH harder than the first. My whole body was sore, and I was starting to have to walk almost as much as I ran. I even had to loosen up my shoe laces because my feet were starting to swell up.

I saw a few more people who were “done” on the side of the road, which reminded me that its not over till its over, so with lots of time to spare I took it easy, drank lots of coke and chicken broth, and very carefully made my way to the finish.

One more funny thing of note. As I passed the last aid station, a woman who had been running next to me mistakenly dumped a glass of perform on her head thinking it was water!.. At that point I think it actually did more help than the water would have because it gave us all a good laugh, which is something those of us still on the race really needed at that point.

It was dark, and myself and those around me passed the 140 mile marker with big grins on our faces and In a final, last ditch effort, I forced my aching legs back into a run, and I hobbled my way down the finishing chute, high 5ing dozens and dozens of people as I went. It was over, and in those last few meters I felt a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t compare to anything I had ever experienced before.

After more than 7 months of training and over 15 hours in the water, on my bike, and running, the announcer called out over the speakers:


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