The main characteristics of harmful cutlery

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The main characteristics of harmful cutlery: hand mold soft, light tear on the crack, a smell of pungent and blinking eyes, also leaking when exposed to heat deformation. This bowl is made of a foam-blown material with a foaming agent. Consumers should choose a product that has no decorative pattern or pattern and is not on the inner wall of the cutlery, and is colorless and odorless. As long as the blister trays produced according to national standards are non-toxic, consumers can use them with confidence.

Plastic pallets have the advantages of practicality, systematism and simplicity, and the definition of the scale itself has its rationality and scientific aspects. The degree of judgment matrix, this method can be called indirect method of judgment matrix. However, in practical applications, it is often difficult to design an expert questionnaire that allows experts to understand at a glance. plastic plate bowl manufacturers When buying a convenient bowl, if the bottom of the bowl is marked with “PS” (polystyrene) or “PP” (polypropylene), you can use it with confidence. Be wary of foam plastic bowls.

2. Shaanxi Ming Yang plastic tray tray design concept clearance. Currently considered safe plastic trays are polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and so on. In addition, the harmful one-time plastic tray a fold will appear white, and because of the addition of a large number of fillers such as talcum powder, cut into pieces and thrown into the water will sink. In the purchase and use of plastic tableware must pay attention to confirm that the plastic material belongs to which type, the plastic material for recycling or add dark pigment and plastic non-food plastic can not be used to hold food, Otherwise, it may cause harm to the human body. Summarize the selection of plastic trays should pay attention to matters:

1. The plastic trays produced can not only be strong, strong impact strength, physical processing performance; fine texture, color, elegant, Pleasant; but also passed the national QS compulsory certification, the quality is absolutely guaranteed. In general, all kinds of plastic tableware sold in regular shopping malls are generally able to meet national standards in quality inspection and perform well in high and low temperature tests.. It is difficult for experts and policy makers to scale. Even if the plastic tray manufacturers can often show that it is difficult to accurately reflect the feelings and judgments of the decision makers, the more serious problem is that the easy-to-accept the scales to get the judgment matrix under this scale, and then transform them into the standard through mathematical transformation.

3. It looks like the material is loose, and the ammonia compound contained in the hot water foaming agent escapes and enters the body with the food. It is difficult to use a scale to indicate the relative importance of each element.Blister tray selection should pay attention to what

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