Quests Are Handled inside a Familiar Style, with Decent Localization

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The closed beta for MU Legend Items hasn’t been without issue. Namely evidently Webzen was unaware just how many people may want to try the experience, as being the sole server about the US side seems completely overloaded. Oddly, even though it can take 5-10 minutes for characters and NPCs to load in, after they do the sport plays fine enough minus a matter of seconds UI lag for looting and changing options within the UI. That said, if you’d wish to try the game inside a more stable setting, I’d recommend waiting a short time to see how things shake out. The beta runs until November 8th, and after that all progress is going to be wiped before Open Beta.

Like Guardians of Ember, which I wrote about on Tuesday, MU Legend makes for a lot of customization from the progression of your respective character. While character creation is almost limited, you’ll level up in 2 different ways when you play letting you tweak the stats and playstyle of your respective character. Regular levels gain you additional skills and allow the usage of new gear, while Soul Levels bring you SP and let you to further customize an entirely slew of stats from Spell Power to Movement Speed, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, etc. It seems Webzen’s unafraid to let you toy using your character’s stats – a refreshing thing in Cheap MU Legend Items in our contemporary world.