Sorcerer Q&A

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En Masse has posted a whole new blog with Tera Items community questions on the Sorcerer class. The topics vary from spell casting to glyphs to buffs and crowd control, the A is pretty extensive so be sure you swing to the site the official site to test it out.Q: Can sorcerer skill damage increase from weapons or equipment statistics?A: You;ve just described among the many advantages to leveling your character. Skills have power like a statistic, while weapons have attack modifiers.

As you progress with the game and get access to more powerful versions of both, those numbers should go up, Up, UP! For all classes, it;s essential to train your abilities as soon as you may, together with equipping the very best gear it is possible to. The further your level originates from your item;s level (weapon or armor), the less efficient Tera Gold will be available for you.