I have never understood the so-called lady

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I have never understood the so-called lady, nor have I ever had great ambitions, nor as a lady of knowledge, gentle and elegant, I only have, but only a simple and natural heart, I just a small woman, no mind the world’s atmosphere, only gentle and delicate Feelings. A written passage has been written, but one person knows that one person knows. There are thousands of women in this world, but I am just the most ordinary one, only willing to be calm and self-possessed, sober and self-possessed, with a calm and indifferent heart, in this world to practice.

You ask me if love is worth it. I just want to say that love is only willing. You ask me if the outcome of love is important. I just want to say that if the loved one knows much about it, it may not matter how it ends. Just because he has loved deeply once and then separated, he will never know each other again.

Everything in the world is always broken. No matter it is perfect or deficient, we must learn to be grateful and learn to cherish. Whose sea water you are, and whose Wushan cloud he is, since everything can not be imposed, nor can it be demanding, then you might as well learn to follow the fate, cherish the fate. When you come, you will cherish your fate.

Only after that, all the deep feelings in the world will not be betrayed. May all affection be no longer wasted. I hope that after that, you and I will no longer be confused and no longer trapped in our hearts.