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Today, Xiaobian wants to talk about hotel management software.

Hotel management software has been widely used since the beginning of a large number of computers, from the beginning of the sporadic distribution, now a hundred flowers blossom, experienced many computer industry revolution, to today, we have the closest to the Internet development trend of cloud computing - HIMS hotel management application comprehensive solution. His full name is Hotel Internet Marketing Solutions, a comprehensive solution for hotel internet marketing. In the past, due to the limited technical strength, we usually installed a CD on a computer, a simple hotel management system to run on this, room opening, check-out, booking, simply generate some reports, the development of the interior through the hotel LAN upstairs and downstairs through the computer, the general manager can be through the desk computer Implementation of the data to visit the front desk, of course, more applications.

But now we can use the Internet to achieve management, any application point can be connected to the computer, plug in the Internet line, real-time exchange of data, of course, in the industry, there are several problems: 1, the Internet is indeed time-saving and labor-saving, but what to do with the disconnection of the compass company in this respect? Well solved, it can be said that the world’s first creation, broken network data processing. Customers can disconnect the network operation daily check-out, does not affect the operation of the hotel, Netcom, the data automatically queued up to upload. 2. How to realize chain store management in different places? Compass company has done a lot of research and experiment in this respect, only now has the central server. It not only realizes the real-time data exchange between chain stores, stores and groups, but also realizes the number of portals and single stores, groups, customers’own operating system and hotel management system. According to exchange. Simply put, dozens of A-chain stores have signed strategic cooperation agreements with IBM. All employees of IBM choose A-chain for business trips. Employees do not need to ask for invoices and documents, because IBM’s financial officers can easily access their employees through the entrance provided by A-chain on their computers. Is it convenient to check accounts and check accounts for all consumption and orders in A chain?

Another advantage of compass software is to support cross-selling between sales. A chain of ten stores usually need to be equipped with sales according to the needs of each store. After the agreement, XX Bureau automatically became the whole A chain agreement customers, A chain according to the actual agreement price to give different offers, XX Bureau in the entrance to the hotel can real-time query their enjoyment of different prices and room volume, and XX Bureau regardless of any store in A chain consumption, her2 breast cancerwill automatically be associated with To Xiao Wang’s performance, so that it is convenient for Xiao Wang’s unified maintenance, improve Xiao Wang’s enthusiasm, maximize the cost savings, to maximize the benefits. Imagine full-time sales, now there is a system as a support, can accurately track the sales performance of each employee, is it the most valuable first-hand information for managers to improve?!

The real time connection between the official website and the liquor management system is achieved, usually two. 1. Whether the guest is the most real price when booking on the official website, HIMS system can automatically intervene in price according to the real-time room condition of the store. As long as the manager clicks the mouse in the background, the price and room volume on the official website can be changed according to the operation demand, and confirm with the guest immediately, and the order is written directly in front of the hotel. There will be no over booking and heavy housing. 2. Guests can log on to the official website, enter their own membership number or order number, and exchange data with the hotel. Such as checking their points, starting points to exchange applications, inquiring about their order status, etc.

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We’re just talking about some of the more difficult problems in hotel management applications. Compass HIMS has more solutions than you expected. Now let’s talk about his charges.

As we all know, buying software is like buying a car, buying depreciated products in our hands, the rapid development of science and technology, one day upgrade, like the original computer, Benz 3, Benz 4 is very advanced, now we are all i7, then the compass company launched the industry’s first, on-demand service, on-demand fees, the hotel should be one-time investment The money is divided into years of payments so that hotel managers don’t have to worry about software updates, software after-sales issues, software maintenance issues, because these are the driving force for software companies to make progress, poor service, hotels to replace directly, without any loss, upgrades are not synchronized, directly replaced by similar products. Unlike other products, adding a department, plus a checkout point is doubling the cost, according to the number of rooms billing model can be more advanced, more reasonable. Imagine that you are willing to invest huge sums of money in a software company that may not exist tomorrow?