Advantages of Analog-to-Digital Conversion

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But why is there an advantage to digitizing analog signals? Just after all, what will come from an ADC is simply a sequence of quantities representing an actual and ongoing signal at discrete times in time. How could you get additional from much less? Nicely, with this situation, you are doing.

The thorough clarification for this may well be pretty laborious and revolves all-around what on earth is referred to as the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem. In basic phrases, the theory states that a continuous bandlimited signal (or function) is often entirely outlined or reconstructed from an infinite sequence of samples defining it. In other words, if we digitize a sign working with an ADC having an infinite precision (not minimal to N bits), and we then change the signal back again to an analog format working with a DAC (digital-to-analog converter), also owning an infinite precision, we will get a precise duplicate of the original signal. Practically nothing could have been missing.

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Effectively regenerating the analog sign demands using an output analog reconstruction filter to smooth out the discrete ways present with the output of your DAC.

There are plenty of advantages in doing work with digitized alerts rather of doing the job with them inside their initial analog format. To checklist a couple of examples:

There’s an incredibly significant degree of intrinsic details reduction any time you only have to operate by using a constrained quantity of knowledge (discrete samples) rather of the steady and infinitely in depth sign.

If handled appropriately, quantities won?¡¥t degrade, so digitized data can theoretically last for good (but we won?¡¥t get into a discussion on this).

Digital figures are expressed as sequence of 0s and 1s that may be moved close to, saved, transmitted, reworked into other figures, and so forth. Assuming that facts stays inside a electronic format, it may possibly be manipulated and processed working with popular media and tools. This can?¡¥t be reported of analog indicators, which demand committed implies to process every precise style of sign.

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