How to design a kitchen that ‘wows’

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Scouring photos of dreamy kitchens online is helpful to determine your taste, but the idea of designing a kitchen from the ground up can be overwhelming. It’s complex — there are dozens of choices to make and even more options from which to choose. A design-build contractor or an architect is usually hired to help with the planning and decision-making. They will guide you, lend their expert advice and help you with permitting, building codes and inspections.

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Regardless of whether you’re hiring a pro or going the DIY route, the key to the perfect kitchen is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

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One of the most important choices you’ll need to make is what kind of layout you want. There are only a handful of archetypal kitchen layouts, but there are many ways to blend those layouts or modify them to fit your needs.

Keeping in mind that changing the layout of your kitchen could be more expensive than working within its existing parameters, think about the top three things you don’t like about your current kitchen. If one of them is layout, consider how you might open up the space or make it more usable — the two most common problems in older kitchens. This choice is mostly about functionality, and how the kitchen will flow best.

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Your kitchen requirements may help determine which layout is right for you. For example, if you want to include seating somewhere in the kitchen, you’ll probably consider installing an island or peninsula. Other times, additional appliances such as wine refrigerators, convection ovens or microwave drawers are going to be added. Those appliances may help determine how the kitchen is laid out naturally.